Cost Effectiveness




"Labour Solutions Specialist"




D & R Enterprises is a company that provides diverse personnel for your project or organization.  The company can offer a payroll system that covers personnel as well as a fee schedule A for personnel directly hired by our clients. Some of the impressive reasons to use D & R Enterprises for your personnel needs are as follows:

-Allows clients to focus on their core business.

-Effective way to bring in new expertise.

-Aid in planning/scheduling.

-Address overall skilled labour shortage and/or variable workload.

-Business expands into an area that in-house expertise and/or time does not match their needs.

-Effective way to control or reduce employer numbers.

-Construction personnel can be re-deployed on a planned basis.

-Control start-up and lay-off costs associated with labour.

-Established foreign recruiting experience.

-Access to established and structured training facilities.

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